Strictlyholistic is for people who have an interest in a holistic way of life – balancing the needs of mind, body and soul. As a Complementary Therapist I will be sharing holistic knowledge, tips and experiences which I hope will be useful for readers in my local area of Cardiff and also further afield.

In case you are wondering, the name of this blog is also a mini shout out to one of my favourite TV programmes – Strictly Come Dancing. I think dance is an amazing creative outlet as is writing! Welcome to my blog.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Having recently become interested in holistic therapies it was great to come across a blog that I think will become very informative and I feel the intention is from the heart and a great belief in life balance.I shall be following with interest and look forward to interesting findings

    1. Great to hear Alex – thanks! Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to share or if you have any questions. Please bear in mind my blog is a work in progress – I will be adding more info soon!

      1. Hello StrictlyHolistic, I have been following your blog since you started back in October and I find the information you have provided to be very interesting (reflexology to ease pain for cancer sufferers) which I believe you have experience of, I did find particularly interesting as I was able to relay this information to a work colleague who had a friend who is a sufferer of this this dreadful disease.
        On a lighter note I really like the idea of creating your own toiletries, you said you were going to make some for Xmas presents. I’d love to know the results.
        I actually do card crafting so I always make my own Xmas cards it is purely a hobby of some years, What I really like and appreciate is when people will ring me up and compliment my efforts. So I’m sure your results will be the same and will give you a great deal of satisfaction.
        People love individually made presents so I’m sure you’ve been having big whoops of “thank you’s”
        Looking forward to more work in progress.

      2. Hi there Alex,

        Thanks for your comment – I’m glad that the article I flagged on reflexology and cancer has been of help. I intend to highlight any research regarding complementary therapy through my blog – so watch this space!

        I am happy to report that the cosmetics I made for Christmas went down a treat with relatives and friends and I shall be posting pictures and a recipe soon which may interest you.

        Great news that you enjoy getting creative with card making – I think it’s so important to find a hobby that you enjoy and I agree – so satisfying when you great results. Do you blog about your cards?

        Thanks again for your comments.

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