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What’s your intention?

(Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

There are many occasions when I think ‘I don’t know where the time has gone today.’ As if a time thief has crept up on me and stolen precious hours and minutes from under my nose. The truth is I know where my time has gone – I’ve just run out of it before I can do all the things I want to do!  I think all my good intentions have gone to waste – but have they? I’ve decided not to give up on the power of intention just yet.

To complement my mindfulness practice I have decided to keep an intentions diary. Each morning I write down three intentions for the day. This is not a ‘to do’ list – although I am quite fond of these! This is more about an all-encompassing positive intention for the day ahead such as ‘to be more assertive’ for instance or ‘to stay calm and at peace.’ In my case there are many intentions that can assist with better time management. I write these down after my twenty minutes of morning mindfulness, spending a few minutes thinking about them in the peace and quiet.

How does it make me feel? So far- clear headed and focused for the day. I feel that my intentions are strong and grounded and I’m well prepared to face the day head on – and I do. I like this feeling – perhaps the time thief will not get his way anymore! Although I may have an intention that I don’t stick to (this happens – we can’t prescribe how we will feel in reaction to daily events) I feel that my chances of manifesting a particular intention are definitely increased when I’ve put some thought behind it. As the saying goes – it’s the thought that counts.

I challenge you to make time to focus on your intentions for the day – it could make all the difference.

5 thoughts on “What’s your intention?

  1. This is a wonderful idea. We have in common, by the way, that we both create a space for morning mindfulness. I sit and meditate each morning for about a quarter of an hour, which makes the first part of the day have a value which goes beyond “getting ready for work”. I have a book of lists, where I list ideas, things I like about Special Events or products. But I might want to start such a Intention-diary as well, wonderful!
    Best wishes,

    1. Great to hear you practice morning mindfulness too. I hope you find keeping an intention diary useful – these small changes to daily life can create a huge positive change overall.

      Lovely to connect with you and good luck with the diary!


      1. Thank you very much! Nice to hear from you. Oh, you know, I love any kind of (sincere) excuse to start a diary 😉 For a while I wrote a meditation diary .. like writing down date, time and method and how I was able to detach from the “thinking machine” 😉 Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. Greetings, Nic 🙂

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