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Enjoy this reblog – I’ll be writing about how Ayurveda can help everyone live a more balanced life soon…..have a lovely Sunday!

Relax Into Perfection

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Ayurveda teaches us that ”health’ care is ‘self’ care. If you don’t take responsibility for all your actions of body, speech/energy and mind, who will?

Prana (life force, qi) is intelligent. It only needs to be allowed to do what it knows how to do.

We should avoid over-treatment of all kinds or our prana will retreat, thinking we have things taken care of. The body is very conservative, and if it doesn’t have to expend the energy, it won’t. It will do the least amount necessary to keep things functioning.

  • If we keep taking vitamins for example, the prana will stop digesting foods after a while and say: “Why do I have to digest this broccoli when I can get it in a pill?” (If you need added supplements use them for a specific reason and period of time, and in food form i.e. soups, green drinks etc. so…

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