Inspire me

A few weeks ago I went to listen to Dr. David Hamilton speak on ’10 spiritual and practical secrets for attracting what you want.’  As a  scientist and best selling author David Hamilton “offers talks and workshops that use science to inspire, fusing science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom.” (

By the evening of the talk  it had already been a very long week and I wasn’t feeling especially motivated but I was determined to go – so with my open minded but slightly apprehensive (he’d  never been to an event like this before)  partner in tow we made our way to the venue.

The tickets were £12.50 each which I thought was very reasonable when I booked them. The venue was modest and tucked away, but when we arrived the place was packed so the location definitely hadn’t put anyone off!

When David started speaking I could see why the venue was full.  I don’t think it’s easy to talk for two hours and keep your audience engaged – but he certainly managed it. Whilst many of the things he talked about such as visualisation and positive affirmations are tools that I am very familiar with, it really is inspirational when you hear how someone else has applied them in their own life with amazing results. As many inspirational speakers do – he put a different angle on things –  making you think twice about how to deal with challenges in life and attract positivity in all areas. For me one of the most profound things he talked about was using difficult situations in life to ‘be the best version of yourself you can be’ and to grow from adversity. He put great emphasis on showing compassion and being kind to others and talked about using your connection to the universe to help you achieve your goals – fascinating stuff.

Hugging Salt Shakers
Show compassion and be kind to others (Photo credit: HarlanH)

From feeling quite tired I left the talk feeling uplifted, what a great slice of inspiration for a Thursday evening! (Even my partner enjoyed it) My resolution is now to see more speakers for a ‘spiritual tune up’ as I like to call it – alongside taking dance lessons and practising yoga more regularly. (Now I’ve put this is writing it has to happen!)

I left the talk with the reminder of how important it is in life to make time for things that lift the soul. The question is….. what inspires you?

4 thoughts on “Inspire me

  1. I frequently look over your posts they are of deep interest to me and really becoming more so, so many angles to take a TAKE on life. Thank you

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