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What is good customer service?

I’ll be honest – I’m always really delighted but a little shocked when I experience good customer service. Unfortunately this is because I seem to come across pretty average (or sometimes just bad) customer service on a daily basis rather than shining examples. Perhaps working within an industry which depends on excellent customer service standards to survive has made me ultra aware of how I’m treated as a customer or client (much to my partner’s annoyance – I have been known to change hotel rooms four times until I’m happy!)

Last year said partner popped the question during a surprise trip away, followed by a day at the Vineyard Spa in Stockcross, Newbury. This gorgeous spa has five star facilities and as you may expect the treatment prices are at the higher end of the scale. For example, a 55 minute facial is priced at £70.00. For these types of prices I expect to be treated like a film star!

As part of the engagement surprise my partner had booked us the ‘Vineyard Chill Out Day.’ When we arrived we received a personal tour of the spa which included the pool area with jacuzzi, changing rooms, sauna, steam room and quiet garden. We then proceeded to recline in fluffy robes and slippers for the rest of the day; feasting on a divine bento box at lunchtime. The therapist who brought us lunch also provided two glasses of fizz and a fabulous dessert with the words ‘congratulations’ iced on it, this was a lovely treat and great customer service.

As we left (and I had to be torn away) we were presented with two cards that invited us back for a free day to use the facilities. Joy! This was because the jacuzzi hadn’t been available for use (not that this had been a problem for us) – another tick on the customer service chart.

Our return visit to the spa was last month and it was much needed. This time I opted for a treatment – a Dauphin facial at £70 – a little extravagant for me but well deserved.

Nothing was too much trouble for the staff. We received the same polite and friendly service that we had experienced previously…… and then it was time for my facial.

I expected great things. After a thorough consultation which addressed my skin type and specifically what I wanted out of the treatment, the therapist began to work her magic. I’ve never had experience of Dauphin before but the combination of products she used felt fabulous on my skin. I particularly liked the refreshing ‘zing’ of the organic tangerine aromatic care oil which was nourishing and refreshing at the same time. I may have actually heard my skin say thank you at one point. Delightful.

Although I enjoyed the treatment I didn’t relax completely which was disappointing; but the long lasting effects of the products were enough to make me consider Dauphin treatments in the future.

So……..did I feel like a film star? Yes and more so on my first occasion (but then I had just got engaged so was feeling pretty good anyway) but this wasn’t to do with how fabulous the products were. This was about how we were treated by the spa staff. They went the extra mile which made all the difference to our experience and it was fantastic.

As complementary therapists it is our job to make clients feel special and excellent customer service is at the very heart of this. If you are booking a treatment don’t expect anything less than a high standard of service, whatever you are paying!

After all – I think we all deserve to be treated like film stars, don’t you?

Good customer service can make you feel fabulous!

2 thoughts on “What is good customer service?

  1. Now I have to say I am an ardent follower of your blog, your style of writing is so professional but at the same time you have the ability to connect with the reader. Not an easy mark to achieve so I take my hat off to you. Its a gift you’ll always have.
    With reference to the above post on customer service I could’nt agree with you more. had some moments over the years, but mellowing I think.
    I have found since my interest in medidation and various therapies I do feel a lot calmer, so I’m working on things.

    1. Lovely compliments – thank you. Great to hear that you are investigating complementary therapies and meditation.I hope you find my blog a useful source of information. I will be adding more information about different types of therapies in the next few months.
      Love your vintage blog by the way – what a great idea!

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