The First Signs of Spring

Enjoy the daffodils (Photocredit wikipedia)

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda

Today the sun has been shining in Cardiff and it has been especially beautiful. We have been smiled on by a crisp clear day with blue skies over a calm and sparkling sea. It really does feel as if spring has arrived – at last. It is that time of year that hints temptingly at exciting new beginnings and making positive changes to our lives.

Because of this I think many people like to wait until the spring to start afresh with a new venture. After a busy Christmas and an ongoing battle through the cold dark winter months, it’s easy to think –  ‘I’ll wait until the spring to apply for that job, move house, start that hobby.’  It seems everything will be easier and feel better in the spring sunshine!  I am no exception; making changes does feel easier with the promise of spring on the way.

Why is this? It may be because spring signifies ‘new’ to many people. A chance to dust off or get rid of old and tired things, a chance to spring clean your life!

There is of course the other perspective to springtime that makes it bittersweet for many. In order for something new to begin, it may mean that something in your life has ended or has to end. Perhaps in your life springtime is signified by kicking a bad habit, changing an old way of life that wasn’t beneficial, ending a difficult relationship or perhaps you have lost someone close to you and are coping with starting again.

Loss is something that we will all experience at some stage in our lives. I have experienced and still experience grief, often at the most unexpected of times. I cannot emphasise enough how important a support network consisting of family, friends, colleagues and professionals is invaluable to survival, peace of mind and eventually a place of acceptance.

I would personally recommend Cruse Bereavement Care as a fantastic organisation that helps people who are finding it difficult to cope with loosing someone.

I now try to embrace the first signs of spring, which for me signify both reflection and looking forward to the future.

There is much in this life to be thankful for.

3 thoughts on “The First Signs of Spring

  1. Another brilliantly written and insightful uplifting helpful pice of writing, proud to call you my best friend xxx

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Told you I’ve become an ardent follower of your blog so I’m here again.Again your words beautifully written. So right on the start of Spring I hope, please no more rain. Yes when the sun shines you can boldly go forward, well at least I’m marching with intent LOL.

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