Holistic Health Show 2013

I decided a good few months ago that this year I would definitely take time to visit the Holistic Health show in Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC). As a qualified complementary therapist I was able to register for free tickets for me, my partner and my mum who both have an interest in the world of holistics. The show was on for two days, Sunday 19th and 20th May – and we decided to visit the show on the first day.

If you’ve ever been to the NEC you will know that it is a massive place! The holistic health exhibition hall also merged into a beauty and hair show so it was a very busy space. The holistic part was crammed to the rafters with holistic health practitioners of every kind of holistic therapy, a huge variety of health and therapeutic products, and taster demonstrations of different treatments. We arrived fairly early and there was a buzz in the air as the exhibitors geared up for what promised to be a busy day.

A show as big as this  has the power to attract people from all over the country and it certainly managed that; the hall was bustling with people stocking up on trade products, trying out taster treatments and networking with each other. I had gone with a budget in mind but as there was so many fantastic products on offer I ended up blowing my budget but coming away with some great products and some potential business ideas – so it was worth it!

The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) Annual Training Congress was held as part of the show and offered lectures on many topics from warm bamboo massage to the benefits of mindfulness. As a therapist attending one of these lectures or workshops it enabled you to gain CPD points as well as brushing up on or learning new skills. I didn’t attend any lectures on this occasion but there were many familiar faces taking the lectures such as well known therapists; Jane Sheehan and Sheila Crouch.

There was also a much needed ‘chill out zone’ if you fancied a treatment which was particularly enticing after a few hours!

It was a long day but if you have never been and you are interested in holistic therapies or perhaps hair and beauty is your thing – I’d definitely recommend a visit to a show like this. But take comfy shoes – you will need them.

I’ve sourced some fantastic products which I’m going to be testing soon so looking forward to sharing my findings with you….

A lecture stand at the Holistic Health Show
A lecture stand at the Holistic Health Show

4 thoughts on “Holistic Health Show 2013

  1. Hello strictly,
    First of all loving your new look blog, my fav colour “duck egg blue” so kitch and ducky.I really like it . So calming and so fresh. Nicely done. I knew the NEC show was on but was unable to get there. Just one of things unfortunately. I would imagine it would have been a really good show. you must let us know more about it. Keep up the work

    1. Thanks so much Alex- yes I thought I’d give the blog a refresh! The show was great for therapists and non practitioners alike. I’m sure most people with an interest would enjoy, perhaps I’ll see you there next time!

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