A positive frame of mind

I have been reminded recently of the unexpected events that can occur in life and the fact that not one of us knows what lies ahead. We may think the future is mapped out but an unexpected event can blow this out of the water.

We know quite clearly know from life changing events that our worlds can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye and that nothing is certain. We also know the effects of these events can bring about positive or negative change – or sometimes both!

There is always the possibility of our lives changing in an instant via external factors that are out of our control. However on the flip side we are also able to take responsibility for affecting positive change for ourselves on a daily basis. Although this requires effort, determination and a healthy dose of self belief  there are small but powerful ways in which we can affect change to improve our state of mind which can not only manifest positivity but also help steady us for unforeseen events.

Positive visualisation is an excellent way of beaming what you want out to the universe! Our thoughts carry a lot of potential to help influence our lives for the better.  Many people find using positive visualisation in the morning a great way to start the day. Next time you have a challenging day ahead rather than envisaging negative scenarios about how it may go – try spending a few minutes visualising the day’s activities the way that you would like them to play out – the best possible scenario.  This can really help enhance a positive frame of mind and create a great start to your day. You may be surprised over time at just how effective this is.

Check out Dr David Hamilton’s ‘Five tips for making visualisation work’ and try it!

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