Time to ‘think’ and time to ‘do’

Regroup and rebuild

As someone who loves to plan if things are busy (I like nothing better than making a good list)  I have had to remind myself that all the lists in the world don’t actually get things done. This is indeed down to the ‘doing’ which my list making does sometimes get in the way of.  However, I have recently been enlightened to take a step back from planning mode.

My enlightenment in this area has been spurred on by a  fantastic coaching and mentoring course that I recently attended. During the training we all had to think about whether our learning styles were aligned to a pragmatist, reflector, activist or theorist. Although everyone will have an element of each learning style there is usually one type that people identify with the most. For those interested in psychology and personality type (like me) this was fascinating. It turns out I sit somewhere between the list making pragmatist and thoughtful reflector, a comfortable position for me. Talking to the activists in the group however was something of a revelation. Plunging in feet first with no planning? No list making? Sounds exciting (and somewhat tempting) but still a strange concept to a planner like me. However, bringing more of an activist approach to life to find a balance is not impossible – we can and do call on different aspects of our personalities every day to deal with different situations.

I was able to take many things away from the training but I was delighted to leave feeling more energised and armed with a new perspective gained from valuable reflection with others. It gave me food for thought. My November resolution is to have more of an activist approach to life on balance with my pragmatic reflection! With this in mind I will be refreshing my blog in the near future so watch this space…..

This is a big thank you from me for reading my posts, it gives me great joy to share holistic knowledge and my journey of wellbeing in the hope it may inspire others.

Have a lovely weekend.

Coaching and Mentoring course:

Learning to Inspire

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