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Top tip to spring clean your health

A welcome change in seasons means that at last spring is in the air! If you want to put a spring back in your step and embrace the extra hour of daylight why not get recharged with a detox massage?

Get ready for spring with a detox massage
Get ready for spring with a detox massage

In preparation of a detox massage an aromatherapist will blend a unique detoxifying combination of oils to suit your needs. Uplifting citrus oils such as lemon and orange or clearing and rejuvenating blends containing oils such as fennel, rosemary, or ginger (dependent on any contra indications specified in a consultation) are often recommended. A lymphatic drainage technique is an especially effective type of massage for this time of year as it encourages gentle elimination of toxins from the body and accompanied by a full body brush (or exfoliation) –  it is guaranteed to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Some spas will have different names or varied ways of performing the massage so just make sure you request the massage that will have the most rejuvenating and detoxifying effect on the body. A trained aromatherapist should always blend the oils with your specific requirements in mind so that they work not only on a physical level but can also help sooth or revive you emotionally and mentally.

What are you waiting for? Make some time for yourself and book that massage!


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