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Finding a piece of peace

Many people who know me would probably describe me as a busy bee. Like many women I’m juggling home, job, a part-time business and everything in between. Whilst I love being busy I also make sure that I create space in my world to try to regroup and refresh, especially when there is a lot happening! However, my own personal ‘down time’ has been hard to come by of late. Between lots of positive movement with my business, my current job and planning a wedding I have really had to work harder than ever at managing my time to fit in some space where I can feel grounded and restored again.

Whilst our bodies and minds can be amazingly robust there comes a point when they need some time to repair and restore, especially during extremely busy periods or extended periods of stress.

Knowing and understanding our own limits when it comes to mind, body and soul health is key. Pushing ourselves physically and mentally can lead to feelings of being constantly tired, run down, overwhelmed and/or anxious. If you are experiencing any of these feelings it is a clear sign that your foot needs to come off the pedal and you need to take a break.

Find your little piece of peace

Looking at my own diary I realised that it was crammed way too full – so I created a slot of some serious down time to recharge – knowing that I had to put my health first and that my body and mind would thank me for this, rather than becoming run down which I was potentially on the cusp of! So last Sunday I booked myself a massage with some reflexology (yes I walk my talk have no fear) and then spent a few hours mediating and reading in the sunshine. What bliss! My window of ‘me time’ was probably only a couple of hours long but it was long enough to relax and rejuvenate again. It was a thank you to my body and mind for getting me through the last couple of weeks.  I started this week feeling that I had enough energy and confidence to face any challenges that might be store.

The way our busy lives play out it is becoming more important than ever to recognise when we need to take a physical break and get some head space. Besides – the more we respect our bodies and minds – the greater the positive impact on our health and relationships.

So are you good at ‘making time for you?’ Is it time to rejigg the diary and do something that is going to help you to relax and rejuvenate? Whatever it may be – from getting stuck into a new book, watching a film, getting out into nature, going for a holistic treatment or just meditating in the sunshine – find your little piece of peace and enjoy it. You’ll be glad you did.

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